We have have a number tours and attractions to suggest if you have had your fill of sunbathing and swimming:

Smögen Bridge, easily accessible by passenger boats "Zitabåtarna" from Kungshamn

Hållö Island near Smögen offers fantastic scenery and swimming facilities, boat connection from Smögen and Kungshamn

Nordens Ark, a large zoo with some 80 species of endangered animals

Nature reserves Ramsvikslandet and Bua Hed with rock areas, heathland and sandy beaches

Stenhuggarmuséet in Hunnebostrand displays how the Bohuslän granite was mined

Gerlesgården, a trading house from the 1700s displays the history of fishing, shipping and life in the old days.

Tollar o seiel, Sippans Bu on Fisketången, a traditional sailboat association which organizes boat races and Asta, a traditional wooden fishing boat typical for the Bohuslän coast

KKV Gerlesborg, Artists Culture Workshop Gerlesborg, with stonemasonry, exhibitions and café

Tumlaren, indoor swimming pool with gym, massage, café and wellness