Information and rules

Terms and conditions:

Tenant booking is binding as soon as we have confirmed the booking and the deposit or the full rent is paid. If something unforeseen happens with the booked accommodation, we offer an equivalent accommodation or pay back the amount paid.

What does it cost?

The item description is what is included in the rent. All consumable costs such as electricity, gas, water and heating bills are like rules included in the rent. Telephone, internet expenses and wood are normally not included and thus usually deducted from the deposit. The item description is always all the information about what costs are included. In addition to the rental amount, there is a booking fee of SEK 125.

How do I pay a for my reservation?

As soon as you have made a booking of a rental property, we will immediately send a confirmation / invoice. The registration fee (which is 20% of the rental payment) and any additional services shall be paid within 10 days from the date you received confirmation from us. The final payment must then be made 20 days before the arrival date. If your booking is made in less than 20 days before the arrival day, the full rent must be paid directly upon receipt of confirmation and prior to the arrival date. Payment is made to our bank account 495-4343 where the invoice number is always used as a reference.


If you cancel more than [max 40] days prior to arrival, you will not pay more than the down payment. If you cancel [more than 40] days or less prior to arrival, you must pay the [maximum 90%] of the rent. If you have already paid more than you are obliged to pay, you will immediately be refunded the difference. If we manage to rent the cottage / apartment to someone else, we will reimburse you an amount equal to the new tenant's rent, minus the down payment.

How many people can we be?

The accomodation description shows the maximum number of people allowed. In addition to the permitted number of people, a child under three years is allowed, however, this must be stated when booking. In some homes there is possible that in addition to the persons referred to accommodate more people in extra beds to be supplied by the owners or their representatives. In some accomodations there is a possibility of putting extra beds in, these will then be supplied by the owners or their representatives. If there is a possibility of extra beds, it will follow from the accommodation description and these beds are ordered separately when booking.

Youth groups

The person responsible for the booking of the party must be over 26 years old and supply his/her national identification number upon request.

Proof of rental

The invoice / confirmation is your proof of rental and shall be presented with the payment receipt at the key collection.

Where do i find directions to the rental property?

Along with booking confirmation / invoice we will attach directions and information about where you can get the key. If you make your reservation more than 30 days before the agreed time, you may receive information of where to pick up the key in good time before your arrival, however not always immediately after the booking is completed.


The deposit, if required, will be paid directly on site, to Kungsförmedling. The deposit is a security, in the event of something happening in the house during your stay, and/or if the final cleaning is not approved. The size of the deposit for a standard house is usually between about 1000 and 5000 SEK. For major holidays such as Midsummer, a higher deposit may be required. Deviations may occur, but the deposit size will be clearly shown on the contract. When hiring for youth groups other conditions may apply. The deposit is refunded upon departure if the house is left in the same condition as it was on your arrival. Any damage caused by the tenant, such as lost keys or inadequate cleaning is deducted from the deposit. If leaving earlier than 08.00, or the homeowner is unable to come, the deposit is sent to you after the event minus a transaction fee of 50 SEK.

Arrival / Departure

The holiday accommodation will be at your disposal from 15.00 at the agreed arrival date. If your arrival is later than 18.00, you must notify us of this. You may use the holiday accommodation up until your departure at 11.00 and it must be in a well cleaned condition, unless otherwise agreed. The key must be returned, and if you are traveling earlier than 11.00 you must inform us in advance.


When you leave the apartment / holiday house, it shall unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking be cleaned well. Should this not be the case you will be billed the cost of cleaning with 600 SEK + VAT / hour. Cleaning agents, dish cloth and dish towels are not normally included in the accommodation equipment, and should thus be brought with you. For those who rented bed linen and towels, or where these are included, leave them on departure.


If you are not satisfied with the holiday home, come to us with any complaints, and hopefully we can correct any errors/problems. Whatever the case, it is important that you always inform us of this while you are in your house and within 24 hours so that we are able to make corrections. If a notification is not received within this period, we may dismiss the complaint. Therefore, your chances of obtaining rectification may decrease if you delay a complaint. If we do not solve your problem during your stay, we await a written complaint to the office. If we do not agree, you can turn to the Board for Consumer Complaints. It consists of an impartial chairman and a number of representatives of tour operators and consumers, the consumer advisor in your municipality can help you.


In the event of an accident, we are insured by "Stugbranschens Trygghetsförsäkring FÖRST".